WhatClinic Patient Service Award

WhatClinic Patient Service Award

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Embryo Freezing

The most popular and up-to-date embryo cryopreservation is Vitrification that shows the highest embryo survival rate and there are no records showing a chance of increasing congenital defects of embryo by using this technique. This technique encourages frozen – thaw embryo transfer more success, the advantages of embryo cryopreservation comprise of;

  • Excess good quality embryos can be frozen for the next transfer without controlled ovarian hyperstimulation.
  • In case there is high risk of having severe OHSS, all embryos should be frozen and transferred them later.
  • Encouraging frozen – thaw embryo transfer has a higher pregnancy success rate than fresh transfer.

Egg Freezing & Sperm Freezing

Besides embryo and gamete cell (egg & sperm), cryopreservation technology is widely used for other purposes such as cancer patients suffering with infertility caused from the cancer treatments including surgery or chemotherapy or radiation. Moreover, the sperm cryopreservation can stock the sperm from the infertile men who have inability of ejaculation on the egg retrieval day for IVF purpose. It is also a good solution for older women who have not yet planned their marriage and pregnancy. As a result of getting older, your ovary may be not functioning normally. Egg cryopreservation is our recommended option for your future pregnancy planning.