WhatClinic Patient Service Award

WhatClinic Patient Service Award

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About Us

Building Family Wellness

Company Profile

Takara IVF Bangkok Clinic brings you the most innovative assisted reproductive technology and serves you with our exclusive treatments individually customized to fit each individual, varying from the simplest treatment to the most advanced technology by our fertility experts trained at a leading fertility clinic in Japan. At Takara, our detail-oriented experts are committed to treatment with a great deal of attention to your individual physical and emotional needs. We offer you a complete range of assisted reproductive technology treatments with the best quality medical equipment and know-how of tomorrow's IVF treatment today. We believe that our solutions can fulfill your dream of having a healthy and full family.

Message from Medical Director

Medical Director

For many couples, family does not mean only the combination of a husband and wife but most also a dream of having baby. At Takara, our expert team will dedicate themselves in assisting you to complete this dream of having a full family with husband, wife and child.

For our international standard recognition, our ART-experienced specialists have completed the ART intensive training course at the leading ART center in Japan, which has been in operation for over 20 years and treated more than 4,800 infertile couples per year with a high success rate result. At Takara, we adopt the most advanced ART technique and blend this with our special techniques and training from Japan to determine the best and most efficient treatment for you.

 - Our Medical Team

Our Mission

To make your dreams of having a healthy baby come true, we provide the most advanced infertility treatments including the most cutting-edge IVF technology from Japan. Our entire team of experts are deeply committed to treating you with our best efforts in every aspect to build the wellness of your family.

Why Takara?

We serve you with not only state-of-the-art medical technology and equipment but also detail-oriented care in every step of your treatment that allow you to feel the most safe and comfortable.

Creating a personalized plan tailored to your desires and physical needs along with emotionally comforting
Using SEET & Two-Stage Embryo Transfer Technique
In-House Research & Development
Parnership with the top 5 fertility center in Japan for R&D