WhatClinic Patient Service Award

WhatClinic Patient Service Award

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Initial Fertility Consultation & Counseling

The journey to be parenthood for some couples may not easy as others. Multiple times of failure may make leave you disappointed and may lead to problems within a relationship of your spouses. Understanding of these problems may help you explore and resolve issues arising from infertility. Information-giving and counseling is a very important initial step that allows you to understand and make the right decisions about your fertility problems more effectively. At Takara IVF Bangkok, our counseling specialist would provide you information based on your life situation, the treatment desires coupled with care for your emotional needs. Prior to getting started on physical check, we will recommend you to complete the appropriate consent documents, review and clarify your financial obligations.

To make sure you have a normal conception, we will put you through the following process. Preconceptional Counseling

Prior to the infertility treatment, the first step to carry out is preconceptional counseling which includes a risk of having abnormal conception, genetic diseases and all other risks affecting a mother’s health during her pregnancy. It is mandatory for a couple to partake in the preconceptional counseling and to get the test results that help create the beat possible treatment. Preconceptional Counseling consists of;

  • Taking into account medical histories from every individual couple (both men and women), pregnant histories, congenital diseases or any other concerned diseases, your treatments in the past, career and health habits concerning infertility and genetic disorders.
  • A General physical check-up is carried out to check any hidden diseases based on your medical histories including pelvic examination for woman in order to diagnose infertility risks.
  • A Blood test and infertility investigation will be performed to test complete blood count, infectious diseases, pap smear. We will also provide you with pelvic ultrasound scan and semen analysis throughout the screening of individual couples in order to determine a risk of carrying any common heritable genetic disorder that could pass down severe illness to your offspring.