WhatClinic Patient Service Award

WhatClinic Patient Service Award

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Frequently Ask Questions

  • Does Cyclogest cause breast tenderness and swelling?

    As progesterone is an active ingredient contained in Cyclogest. It may cause breast tenderness and swelling or other symptoms like when you are having periods. If the symptoms continue to worsen without increasing medication dosage, it can be assumed that the embryo may achieve implantation on your womb.

  • If the doctor prescribed injectable medicines for administering 7 days consecutively, when is the most appropriate time for injection? Do I need to repeat it exactly at the same time every day? If I could not repeat it exactly at the same time every day, is there any side effect?

    You can perform injection at any time of your convenience and should repeat it at or around the same time every day, belated injection is not recommended. Longer belated injection in another day may cause slightly drop in the hormone level.

  • I have questions regarding to my ovulation. I am 34 years old, I have been attempting to get pregnant for 3-4 months but it failed. So, I would like to know when exactly an egg ovulates, if my periods come as following; • 19 February, • 20 March, • 18 April, • 16 May, • 14 June
    When does an egg ovulate? And when is the most appropriate time for having intercourse?

    Your period intervals are 30, 30, 29, and 30 days respectively. As an egg normally ovulates 14 days prior to menstrual. Based on your information, it assumes that the earliest ovulation would be calculated from the shortest interval (29-14 = 15 days after your previous menstrual) and the latest ovulation would be calculated from the longest interval (30-14 = 16 days after your previous menstrual). So, the next ovulation might be due around June 28-29. In order to have possible chance of pregnancy, you might have intercourse during that period.